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MCI (Megatel Capital Investment) is the capital markets division of the Megatel Group of companies. MCI primarily specializes in providing growth capital to one of the largest home-builders based in Dallas, Texas. MCI’s efforts are currently focused on communities in fast-growing population centers mainly located in Texas.

Our efforts are currently focused on providing the capital needed to develop quality-built, single-family home communities in fast-growing population centers primarily in Texas.

Megatel Capital Investment is part of the Megatel Group of companies. Megatel Homes is a second-generation single-family home builder headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Founded in 2006, Megatel Homes has emerged as one of the most successful homebuilders in the state of Texas. The company has had considerable growth, with more than 100 developments, consisting of 2,700 homes, since its founding. The Dallas Business Journal recently ranked the company third in North Texas homebuilders based on local housing starts in 2014.


Single Family Housing Spotlight

Per the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), single-family housing construction is set to grow at an annual clip of 10% in 2017 and is expected to continue at that pace for the next few years to help meet growing demand.

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